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We do things in steps at GMOS:

Step one – We get you to a healthier weight.
Step two – We partner with you to maintain your weight loss.
Step three – We provide medical support maximizing your long-term health and continuous weight control.

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We focus on the whole person using a solid framework of:

Nutrition–eating plans, education in behaviors to minimize excessive calorie intake.

Biology/Biochemistry–multiple medication choices prescribed based on your health and lifestyle needs and risks.

Behavior-mindfulness, meal planning, physical activity.

Psychology—motivation, self-compassion, stress eating, eating disorders.

GMOS is a truly wonderful clinic. Dr. Larimer educates thoroughly and is very empathetic with her patients. You can tell for sure that she cares about your weight loss journey. Her staff is also exemplary in every regard. What I like the most about GMOS is that they are very transparent about what it costs financially and what it takes personally to lose weight, giving you full control and confidence for your strides.

– Francis T.

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