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What Does BMI Tell You?

Ultimately, not much – it’s just a ratio of how much you weigh, and how tall you are.

In general, higher BMIs show a greater risk of poor health, chronic diseases, and shortened lifespan.

But BMI alone is a poor guide to a person’s true state of health and their need for weight loss. Some people (for example, individuals of an Asian heritage) can have a high risk for diabetes even with a normal BMI. Athletes may have BMI number in the “obese” range, but be perfectly healthy because they have little fat and much higher muscle weight.

A much better predictor of overall health risk is a body composition measurement. All patients have a body composition scan completed at their initial appointment and again at various weight loss intervals. Schedule an appointment with us to get a better picture of your body’s weight and what it means for your health.

I’m so glad I took that first step, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Under the supervision of Dr. Larimer and her staff I’ve lost 65 pounds. They’ve given me the tools I needed to safely lose the weight and to keep it off this time.

– Janice E.