The GMOS Program | Individualized Weight Loss in Gainesville, FL The GMOS Program | Individualized Weight Loss in Gainesville, FL
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People living with the disease of Obesity,

face a constant struggle

to control their weight in a weight bias world.


Here are some essential truths.

You are NOT responsible for your condition.  Calories in/Calories out is A HURTFUL AND INCORRECT Belief.  YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE; you are a living, breathing, complex organism.

Obesity is a medical condition caused by biological, environmental, and psychological forces, not personal behaviors.    It is a complex multifactorial group of diseases, with your body’s weight level under hormonal and neurohormonal control.

Dr. Cindi  Larimer, M.D. utilizes time-proven medical therapies and private patient interviews to learn about each patient’s background history, prior results, barriers, and other needs.   At GMOS clinic, we strive to listen carefully, be empathetic, and work with each person to maximize their success.

The Four Cornerstones of Weight Loss

  1. NUTRITION: (food intake) Teaching you nutritional guidelines to maximize body fat loss (we do not want you losing muscle).
  2. METABOLIC: (medications) Using medications that improve your weight reduction success. Willpower is a limited resource!  Cravings, excessive hunger, never feeling full, and emotional eating is some factors that anti-obesity medications can help control or minimize.
  3. BEHAVIORS:  Many behaviors are critical to maximizing your weight loss and keeping a healthy weight. These include adequate sleep, monitoring food intake, exercise (physical activity), meal planning, and meal preparation.
  4. PSYCHOLOGY: Addressing your psychological needs that disrupt weight loss and produce weight regain. Then, with medication or therapy, focus on improving these patterns/needs/problems.
Physician Specialist

All medical procedures and interviews are with Dr. Cindi Larimer, MD, Board Certified in Obesity Medicine.

Nutrition and Medical Counseling

One-on-one nutritional and medical counseling specifically designed to meet your body’s needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Prescription medication is chosen based on your history, weight, age, and risk of drug interactions. Diet and exercise plans are tailored to you.

Training and Support for Success

Initial training with a lecture course and a handbook. Biweekly coaching/training until you are doing well. Then, monthly or as needed.

Proven Medical Strategies

Our 3-phase program of active weight loss, transition, and long-term management focuses on the life-long improvement of your health.

Five weeks into the program, I lost 23.5 lbs and never starved myself or felt deprived. I have more energy than I’ve had in years and feel so much better. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall health.

– Rob D.