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Dr. Larimer focuses on medical, nutritional, social, and psychological needs that affect the treatment of obesity.

We do not treat the weight. We treat its cause.

Cindi Larimer, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine since 1997 and Board Certified in Obesity Medicine since 2014.

  • Medical School at UCLA.
  • Family Practice Residency at the University of Florida.
  • Assistant clinical professor at the University of Florida in Family Medicine and Geriatrics for 7 years.
  • Active member of The Obesity Society and Obesity Medical Association.
  • Strong supporter and member of The Obesity Action Coalition, a national group that fights obesity bias and advocates for fair insurance coverage of obesity medical care.
  • American Academy of Family Medicine Fellowship.
  • Gainesville resident of 30 years; raised her family here, loves the area and the community.

Dr. Larimer’s Story

As a kid I wanted to be a doctor, teacher, or architect. I was poor, so I went to trade school and became a medical assistant. Later, I went to night school and had the fantastic fortune to be accepted into the UCLA School of Medicine. Although I loved my psychiatry and ER rotations, I felt the best direction for me was to become a family medicine doctor. After my residency at UF in Family Medicine, I took a teaching position in a rural clinic in Dixie county. This clinic was the only urgent care and emergency provider in that county.

After I left the University of Florida, I did ER, urgent care, and hospital medicine for the next 20 years while raising my daughter in Gainesville. As a single parent, I raised my daughter, worked in several ERs, was a Girl Scout leader and the full-time supervising physician for the ER, hospital, and rural clinic in Lake Butler. I worked too much, slept too little, and gained 60-70 extra pounds (and maybe created a workaholic daughter). Over the course of 12 years, I stopped and restarted smoking AND lost and regained weight multiple times. Never quit smoking the January of the year you are the Girl Scout cookie mother…I replaced a pack of cigarettes a day for a box of Girl Scout cookies a day.

I successfully quit smoking in 2006 and aggressively pursued a regimented diet and exercise program, losing about 40 pounds. Unfortunately, my best friend died of lung cancer the following year and I regained a lot of weight. I lost the weight again over the next two years and slowly lost 20 more pounds over the next few years.

At a medical conference in 2006, I listened to a weight loss medicine lecture. I was hooked (and fat). I wanted to know more about this complex disease so I studied the textbooks, joined the two national scientific obesity societies, and attended extra sessions at conferences. I started weight loss medicine care in rural Lake Butler. After great effort in 2014, I passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine’s national board exam.

My lifelong dream of a private practice came true in 2016 when I opened Gainesville Medical Obesity Specialty Clinic. Now I use my training, my weight loss journey, my passion to understand the complex disease of obesity, and my desire to be a medical partner with my patients to help them on their journey to a healthier (and thinner) self.

– Cindi Larimer, MD