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Individualized care to reach a lower weight.

Stop beating yourself up for your weight. Let go of the false belief that your weight is your failure.  It is NOT TRUE, and we know it!

Let’s work together and form your personal treatment plan to improve your weight AND health.

Our Process

  • In-Depth Introductory Sessions

    We want to know about you!  We review your struggles with weight,  traumas from weight issues,  eating behavior problems, and barriers to achieving long-term mental and physical health.

  • Active Weight Loss

    Using structured eating programs, behavioral recommendations and  old or new medications, we strive to provide the best weight loss your body can achieve.

  • Preventing weight regain.

    Weight regain is the natural response of our brain to the trauma of losing weight (think of famine or hospitalization).

    To prevent weight regain, we work finding the best fit for your needs.  This is a not a short “weight loss” program, we are your medical home to partner with you for as long as you need us.

    This often includes keeping you on the correct medication if it has proven to work well for YOU.

  • See if We’re the Right Fit
    For You

    If you’re interested in more information, schedule a consultation with  Dr. Larimer.

    Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Larimer and her staff have a very compassionate approach that was extremely informative about how this way of life works.

— Rob D.
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