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Our Why

To help people of size have a happier, healthier life.

To offer kindness and understanding instead of bias.

To prevent or minimize the long-term body damage from carrying excess body fat.

To provide care and support to anyone in their lifelong fight with excess weight in a fat bias world.

To make Dr. Larimer happy since she loves getting up each morning and going to work with her wonderful patients.


GMOS Clinic Core Values

Strive to be kind in all interactions.
Provide an empathic environment where patients feel connected with other people living with the
disease of Obesity.

Striving to provide excellent evidence-based medical care by actively listening to each patient’s story.

To be a place where people know they have help and support.
To teach patients that their weight/body size is genetic and and biologically controlled.
Your body’s weight is not your fault nor a sign of  having a character flaw.

GMOS Clinic Goals

Provide excellent, evidence-based medical care.

Focus on understanding the needs of each patient.

Teach lifestyle habits to maximize health and achieve lifelong weight control.

Our Mission

To help people living with Obesity, we strive to help them achieve better health both mental and physical. We work to minimize negative health caused by excess body weight.  Teaching each patient that their weight DOES NOT represent who they are or represent  inadequacy of character, intellect or motivation.

To promote and teach our community that obesity is a disease, not a behavior problem, best treated with a holistic approach including healthy nutrition, healthy behaviors, scientifically proven medicines and clear understanding of  multiple psychologic issues and needs of living as a large person in a fat bias world.