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40% Loss

Reach Your Goals

Amy achieved a 40% weight loss after working with Dr. Larimer. If you’re ready for a healthier life and greater self-esteem, read more about our program and what you can expect.

Our Program


Our Why

  • To help people of size have a happier, healthier life.
  • To offer kindness and understanding instead of bias.
  • To prevent or minimize the long-term body damage from carrying excess body fat.
  • To provide care and support to anyone in their lifelong fight with excess weight in a fat bias world.
  • To make Dr. Larimer happy since she loves getting up each morning and going to work with her wonderful patients.

At Gainesville Medical Obesity Specialty (GMOS) Clinic, our mission is to help people with the chronic disease of obesity and its negative impact on their lives. We promote and teach our community that obesity is a disease, not a behavior problem.


Our Mission

Our office strives to help each patient achieve optimum healthy weight loss and maintain that weight in a safe manner using nationally accredited specialized medical therapy. We treat the whole person, including social and psychological needs, with medical and behavioral therapy to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Everyone is unique and deserves individualized personal care. We aim to put a halt to the weight loss and regain cycle of obese people with proven long-term medical and behavioral support. This also includes people who have had surgical interventions for weight reduction.

Our Vision

To build a facility where multiple medical disciplines work together to improve the complicated aspects of obesity by addressing the medical, emotional, social, nutritional, behavioral, and physical needs of each person with the disease of obesity.

Our Core Values

  1. Respect: To have a deep respect for each patient as a person with their own story, their own wants, and their own needs. To openly respect and honor the truth that some people can never lose the excess weight they carry on their bodies. To expect staff and patients to treat each other with the understanding that no one is perfect.
  2. Commitment: To practice with a strong commitment to engage in lifelong continued learning and research in Obesity Medicine. A commitment to be an advocate for people of size and their struggle with society’s biases and misunderstandings of their disease.
  3. Compassion: As a patient-centered business, compassion and understanding is central to everything we do. Compassion for the needs and the struggles of our patients. Compassion and understanding for the mental and physical health of each patient and each employee. This compassion extends to the understanding that we cannot take the best care of our patients if we do not take the best care of ourselves.