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Initial Visit (2 hours)
(includes history, physical, 50 minute nutrition and behavior training class, and handbook)
Body Composition Scan
(if needed)
EKG $50
Basic Labs
(CBC, CMP, TSH and Lipids)
Medications $20-45


Follow-Up Visit (30 Minutes) $80
(Usually biweekly x 4-8 weeks then monthly if doing well)
$19-30 (varies)


Starter Client Package: $500 ($60 Savings)

This package is intended for a new patient who wants to try and get a feel for our weight loss program. Because no results can be seen in a single appointment, this package includes the first 8 weeks of treatment (Initial Visit, Progress Checks 1-3, and Full Medical Recheck). Patients will get a feel for our supportive type of care and medical expertise. Patients in this program, on average, lose 4% to 12% of their baseline weight by 12 weeks.

  • Initial Visit: a 2-hour visit, including: detailed past medical and weight loss history, physical, 50-minute training lecture, program handbook, chromium nicotinate and Body Composition Scan.
  • Progress Checks 1-3
  • Full Medical Recheck 1 (Includes visit with Dr. Larimer, Body Composition Scan & chromium nicotinate.)

Changing Lifestyle Package: $750 (Over $175 Savings)

This package is bursting with value! Clients who take advantage of the “Changing Lifestyle Package” are serious about their weight loss and are committed to continuing their program. The best results occur with a consistent program and guided care of a medical professional. This package covers the first 6 months of treatment, which includes bi-weekly or monthly progress checks, 2 full medical rechecks, and intermittent body composition scans. This package also includes 10% off food products x 6 months.

  • Starter Package, plus:
  • Progress Checks 4-6
  • Full Medical Recheck 2 (Recheck includes visit with Dr. Larimer, Body Composition Scan & chromium nicotinate.)


All patient care is a direct payment between you and GMOS clinic. Because we do not accept insurance, we have freedom in the amount of time we spend with each patient and the level of care given.

We charge less and we focus on spending quality time with each patient.

Patients may use their FSA or HSA accounts, Care Credit, cash, check, and all major credit cards.

If you have questions about payment or what you can expect with GMOS, please give us a call at (352) 672-9000.

GMOS is a truly wonderful clinic. Dr. Larimer educates thoroughly and is very empathetic with her patients. You can tell for sure that she cares about your weight loss journey. Her staff is also exemplary in every regard. What I like the most about GMOS is that they are very transparent about what it costs financially and what it takes personally to lose weight, giving you full control and confidence for your strides.

– Francis T.