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GMOS is a truly wonderful clinic. Dr. Larimer educates thoroughly and is very empathetic with her patients. You can tell for sure that she cares about your weight loss journey. Her staff is also exemplary in every regard. What I like the most about GMOS is that they are very transparent about what it costs financially and what it takes personally to lose weight, giving you full control and confidence for your strides.

– Francis T.


All patient care is a direct relationship between you and GMOS Clinic. We have freedom to spend time with each patient because we do not accept insurance.

GMOS Clinic is your affordable weight loss and management option. We charge less but focus on a caring environment, medical excellence, and one-on-one time with our patients.

Patients may use their FSA or HSA accounts, Care Credit, cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Gainesville Medical Obesity Specialty Clinic is a specialized physician medical practice. Our visit length, medications and other recommendations are based on the patient-physician decisions and time needed to carefully give each patient the understanding, compassion and medical care they need to the best of our ability. There is no one size fits all and it is NOT a weight loss program even though the loss of extra body fat is the main treatment to minimize the negative health consequences of having the disease of Obesity.


New Patients

99202        $150 Extended consult visit or brief new patient visit (no lecture)
99203        $225 Standard new patient visit
99204        $285 New patient extended visit
99205        $355 New patient complex extended visit
(Note Visits 99203,04 and 05 include an additional hour of nutrition, medication, and behavior training)

Established Patients

                  Free Weight recheck between visits scheduled with staff.
99211        $50 brief visit
99212       $95 basic recheck
99213       $125 Extended recheck
99214       $175 short counseling/extended complex recheck
99215       $225 Complex recheck/counseling visit
(Office and Virtual Telemedicine visit charges are the same)

Additional Services/products

J8499      $20 Body Composition study with physician interpretation
(Every first visit then at every 5% to 10% weight loss achievement)

If you have questions about payment or what you can expect with GMOS, please give us a call at (352) 672-9000.