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Hurricane Season is here


North Central Florida it is hurricane time,  rain, wind and even tornados, which result in power outages.

“Are you prepared for eating healthy during a possible power outage?”

Here it is, hurricane season, and we know too well what it takes to prepare for a hurricane.  Lines as the gas stations start to fill up, generators, bread, bottled water, and other non-perishable food items are flying off the shelves.  Many of those non-perishable food items are terrible for your health, but a hurricane is coming so we often use it as an excuse to buy them.  Wrong  Emotional eating can be a big threat to your health.  You may sit around for days watching the hurricane coverage and dig into all those snacks.  Below are ideas to help you have healthier choices and be better prepared to survive a hurricane.

Here is a food timeline for you. *

5-7 days before storm:

Buy low sodium canned vegetables, low sugar canned fruit (no syrup added), applesauce in small containers.

Dried Fruit like raisins, dried apples, apricots, dates etc.

Packages of raw or lightly salted/roasted nuts and peanuts

Peanut butter

Low sugar jams

Meat sticks/jerky

Block cheeses-hard cheddar, swiss, jack cheese, cheese sticks individually wrapped (not soft cheeses like brie)

Boxed milk or dried milk, canned/bottled tea, bottled coffee, protein drinks

Crackers go well with your cheeses and your fruits

Dark breads like dark rye

Minimally processed protein bars like KIND bars (or Cliff bars)


3 days before the storm:

Use your home ice dispenser to fill up bags of ice and put them into the freezer

Prepare protein bars/ cookies such as:

Coach Nicole’s Chewy Oat & Nut Granola Bars

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

(I recommend adding a scoop of unflavored whey protein powder to the above recipe when you make them to increase their protein content)


2 days before the storm:

Buy fruit and vegetables which do not need to be refrigerated

Apples, pears, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, figs

Carrots, cucumbers, celery (easy to fill with peanut butter).


1 day before the storm:

Prepare water in bathtubs and fill jugs with water for cleaning or flushing toilets.

Fill clean bottles/ containers with water to use for drinking or cooking

Fill cooler with ice and be prepared to move your perishable food to the cooler if you lose power.


When you have that urge to buy processed foods, focus on choosing smaller amounts and healthier choices.  One Hershey Bar and a jar of peanut butter in place of a package of Reese’s cups.  One box of crackers and a package of cheese in place of jars of salsa and a big bag of Doritos.

Stress causes us to eat more sweet, salty high calorie foods.  Prepare properly to avoid falling off your healthy weight loss journey. If you get off tract, do not berate, blame or punish yourself.  I believe that a 15% improvement in making healthy choices is miles greater than no improvement.


For other hurricane items and an official hurricane disaster preparedness checklists, visit the


*These are recommendations only.