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Start your path to a healthier lifestyle with a personalized, whole health, medically run program!


Dr. Cindi Larimer, M.D. is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine

and has the advanced training you deserve.  She gets to know each patient personally during one-on-one time, and together with you, will create an Individualized Medical Program based on your body’s needs.

At GMOS Clinic, our Goals are to

  • help each patient reach a healthier weight
  • have improved self-confidence
  • provide you a doctor’s office that gives you the support and care you need to keep your weight down for the rest of your life.

Francis lost 71 Ibs. (32% of his starting body weight)

GMOS is a truly wonderful clinic. Dr. Larimer educates thoroughly and is very empathetic with her patients. You can tell for sure that she cares about your weight loss journey. Her staff is also exemplary in every regard. What I like the most about GMOS is that they are very transparent about what it costs financially and what it takes personally to lose weight, giving you full control and confidence for your strides.  – Francis T.

The approach Dr. Larimer takes empowers the patient to conquer what feels like the impossible. The personalized plan both factors in your life circumstances and the requirements of the program to hold you accountable as well as encourages you with an incredibly personal touch. Don’t keep trying to diet alone, get the support and care you need to become a more healthy you. You are worth it!    – Rachel H

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The Four Cornerstones of Weight Loss

  1. Food Intake: Teaching you proven nutrition guidelines to make healthier lifelong eating habits.
  2. Metabolic and Physiologic: Using medications and behaviors which improve your weight reduction success. Understanding the science of weight regain and the chronic nature of obesity.
  3. Exercise: Understanding when, how, and why exercise is important.
  4. Psychology: Addressing your various psychologic needs that disrupt weight loss and produce weight regain.

Improving these patterns/needs/problems through counseling and medications is central to improving health and weight.

It’s so much more than weight loss. It’s about forming a lifelong plan and support to prevent weight regain, improve your health and enjoyment of life.

More Testimonials

Since beginning at Dr. Laimer’s GMOS Clinic I have lost weight and totally feel better about myself and the “ability” to lose weight. I am going at a slow pace because my lifestyle is different from others (I drive 4 hours a day for work and sit at a desk) and I look after my husband who is disabled with Parkinson’s. However, I have never felt that I was not making some progress, I have always been treated with respect and dignity and I am being successful in small increments! (Although I feel like losing 20 lbs is good!) I am so glad I found this clinic. Dr. Laimer is wonderful, her staff is caring and the bonus is her dog Ginger (who if you are not afraid or allergic) is a happy greeter when you come in! I highly recommend the GMOS Clinic!     – Libby

As a person who has struggled with their weight my entire life, I have tried and failed every diet imaginable.  I am so pleased I came to GMOSC. Dr. Larimer and her staff have a very compassionate approach that was extremely informative about how this way of life works. More importantly it DOES work. Five weeks into the program and I have lost 23.5 lbs and never starved myself or felt deprived. I have more energy than I’ve had in years and feel so much better. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to lose weight and improve their overall health.     – Rob D.

I had tried everything to lose weight and was about to give up until I saw an ad for GMOS. After starting the program, I began seeing results immediately, which was motivating and kept me driven to continue with the program. I have lost around 70 lbs in a year and I feel GREAT! Not only have I lost weight, my confidence and self-esteem have increased. I still have some weight to lose but I feel this is the best weight loss program and a life changer. My knees don’t hurt anymore, I can cross my legs again, and I don’t feel uncomfortable sitting in chairs or uncomfortable in my skin anymore. It also feels great buying smaller sized clothing and others noticing your progress.  Dr. Larimer is very personable and truly wants you to succeed. The staff are very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I also love being greeted by Ginger, the friendly office dog. I am so glad I tried one more program, it was so worth it. It has changed my life.     – Sammi L.

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