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All slots have been filled for the scholarships. Please check back in August. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we see the negative effects of carrying excess weight in greater hospitalization, more need for breathing support and higher death rate in people with increased BMI ratios.

To combat this stress on the Gainesville community, GMOS clinic is offering a full scholarship for 12 months of free medical care to help 3 award winners manage their weight, get healthier and feel better.

Included in the scholarship are:

  • Office visits
  • Basic medical labs
  • One or two supplements if appropriate
  • Prescription medicine if appropriate and available.

Entry guidelines

  • BMI must be 30.0 or greater
  • Age range 18-35
  • Income level–equal to or less than, 300% of poverty line (Proof of income status is only required if selected). Applicants must be able to afford their own food.

Patients are willing to commit

  • Minimum of six months of care
  • Limit alcohol intake to 4 or less alcoholic drinks per month
  • No or limited marijuana use while on weight loss (unless needed for seizures/pain)
  • Unless otherwise discussed, daily calorie intake limit will be between 1000 to 1400 calories based on age, gender and starting weight.

We are unable to accept people with

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes on insulin
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Kidney disease
  • Severe mobility restrictions

Winning applicants will be screened in person. if at any time the applicant is found to have any health (physical or mental) issues which would make continuing the program unsafe for them, they will be considered ineligible.

Application will include financial review and review of all medications, past medical history, social history, and weight loss history.    A short paragraph from each applicant about their personal motivation to take on a weight managing lifestyle commitment.

Winning candidate selection will be factored by medical need, financial need, and ability to commit to following our required behavioral and nutritional guidelines.

To minimize implicit bias, reviewed applications will not include any names, gender, or racial identityAll applicants will be given a unique number generated by an uninvolved team member using random number generation.   The final choice of the scholarship winners will be Dr. Larimer’s.

GMOS Scholarship Program Application

Window for applying will open January 1, 2021 and only the first 50 applications will be eligible for review. Please send completed application to