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Group number two:
You need to lose recent extra weight and do not have a history of a weight regain problems. There are multiple healthy choices to help you eat delicious healthy foods while cutting back on calorie intake. Find programs that have proven track records, well used and liked apps, or web sites set up by people who have training in the field.    You can do programs like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Nutrisystem.  You can use phone apps to track your food intake, nutrient intake, and exercise routine. Some popular examples are My Fitness Pal, My Diet Coach, and Lose It.

Avoid diets on websites that have no credentials and/or promise unrealistic results. If they guarantee you results if you buy their product, RUN THE OTHER WAY, no one can ever guarantee what type of response your body will have to any intervention.  Avoid any supplements bought off the internet unless recommended by your physician or a registered dietitian.  You can choose older diets for weight loss which have a good track record (for example Atkins or South Beach) and they have done well for people for several years.

Group number three:
Do you need to achieve a larger weight loss requiring several months? If you choose a diet you could stand for 4 to 6 weeks but not 4 to 6 months, it may end with you feeling like a failure. A diet that you can do for 4 to 6 weeks, where you’re starving most of the time so then at the end you go out and eat a whole pizza by yourself. Then, this was not a good choice for you and you end up feeling terrible about yourself because the weight just returns again. That is so sad. The diet failed you, it was not the right choice for you. You are not the cause of its failure, which unfortunately, is what most of us believe in this situation.

If you are hungry much of the time. If you rarely feel full. Diet and exercise will not be adequate to help you lose your excess weight and prevent you from regaining it back. Carrying excess weight is a complex medical, biological, hormonal, behavioral situation and no one intervention corrects the problem for the long term. I recommend looking for a balanced program where nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, social and psychological needs are evaluated and addressed when needed. A medical program is the best and safest intervention, and it should be one where your evaluation and care is by a medical professional who knows the emotional, mental and physical complexity of living in a big body in a skinny minded world.

A couple of good sites for more information are:
The Obesity Action Coalition
The Obesity Medicine Association