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Why jump off a cliff to achieve a major behavior change? If your New Year’s resolution was not previously contemplated, researched and held with a sincere desire to achieve it—you set yourself up for failure, guilt, AND major self-criticism.

Use New Year’s Day as a starting point. Think of it as a beautiful clean slate with the hope of a better year. Use this chance to make a jog/path correction on your way to achieve a healthier behavior/lifestyle.  Make it something in which you sincerely want to achieve. Choose a change that is something you are comfortable doing, or had prior success, or want to learn.  Consider behaviors like:  mindful eating, portion control, increased physical activity, co-worker lunch walk groups, weekly meal planning and preparation, or decreased intake of processed, high-calorie meals or snacks.   New Year’s Day provides you with that starting point for this 2022 behavior change.

Use the time left in 2021 to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for your January 1st (or second) behavior change.  Look at your potential 2022 resolutions today!  Is there a lifestyle change (jog) you want but just could not decide when to start?

Hurray—New Year’s Resolution 2022 here you are!

Have a Wonderful New Year.

Cindi Larimer, MD