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Medical Meal Replacements


Why should I use them?

They are designed for you to eat much lower energy (calorie) meals while making sure your body is receiving complete nutrients.

You will only use them as prescribed by your Obesity Medicine Specialist.  Your specialist recommended scientifically designed meal replacements, created by registered dietitians, are a complete replacement for everything you need except for liquids—even if you were on the International Space Station.

Medical Meal Replacements are not the ones found on Amazon or Publix Grocery.

Each meal replacement has more protein, essentials fats and vitamins but less carbohydrates and better portion control, then home cooked or commercial meals.


How do I use them?

Using meal replacement as a complete eating program makes it possible to be on a more severely reduced calorie nutrition plan safely. The 2 most common ways they are used is a 1- or 2-week full meal replacement program to jumpstart weight loss and then gradually adding increased ingredients or using them for a lower portion of total daily intake.  Some are used long term up to 16 weeks under strict medical supervision to help people lose a great amount of weight.

All are extremely valuable to be a replacement for one or two meals each day.  This has been repeatedly proven to decrease your weight and help maintain the weight loss that you have achieved.


But I am a good nutritious cook.

Besides being nutritionally complete, high protein, and lower calories, medical meal replacement have been shown to be excellent at achieving portion control because they are your only allowable intake for your meal.