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Bad News #3:  After burning off your energy stores (weight loss), 19 out of 20 people (or 95% of the time) will regain that weight in the next months to years.   How often would you do a procedure or training program if it only works 5% of the time?

Bad News #4: When hunger is less, and fullness comes easily, dietary intake will be restricted, and weight loss happens.  It sounds simple, BUT hunger and fullness signals come from multiple sources and can be extremely complex and may be resistant to medical or surgical interventions.

Good News #1: For many people with the disease of obesity or even being overweight, we can work on various eating patterns, medications and behavioral changes and greatly improve your health and your body weight.

Having a negative energy balance [burning more calories and taking in less calories than needed] in a healthy way requires multiple changes and interventions.

From eating correctly for your body, basic nutrition training, maximizing person body movement (moving/exercising/being active), psychological understanding of your emotional and psychologic factors to protect your inner needs, and understanding that some medical conditions may make any weight loss minimal or completely impossible.

This why there is now a specialty in Obesity Medicine.  Once someone’s body reaches an overweight or obese size will regain some, all or more weight over the following months to years 95% of the time unless there is long term intervention.  People with diabetes, hypertension or any other chronic disease needs life-long medical therapy to prevent or minimize the ravages of those diseases. Unfortunately, the disease of Obesity works the same.

An Obesity Medicine Specialist uses proven scientific medical methods to ease patients’ hunger, increase their satiety (feeling of being full) and help them overcome the complex barriers of the human body and the human condition to lose however much weight they can, regain as little as possible and become healthier for the long term.